The Eye Of Eternity: Book Three of the Shadowleague by Maggie Furey

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The Curtain Walls safeguarding the kingdoms of Myrial tremble on the point of collapse. If they fall, the world will fall with them. Its fate lies in the hands of the Shadowleague, but they have been shaken to the core by the return of the renegade Amaurn. Claiming what he believes to be his rightful place - at the head of the Shadowleague - the man who long ago betrayed the Loremasters must first persuade them to follow him. He has already deposed the Achimandrite, but now a greater challenge awaits - and his sinister past is far from forgotten.

In the kingdom of Callisiora, in the mountain city of Tiarond, those who managed to survive the vicious attach of the winged Ak'Zahar remain trapped in the Temple. The new Hierarch, Gilarra, knows that time is fast running out for her and her people. Unaware of the great catastrophe that threatens to tear Myrial apart, only a miracle can save them.

THE EYE OF ETERNITY is the triumphant final volume in this magical fantasy trilogy.


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