The Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones the Skeleton: The Lost Dog and Bone [First Adventure] by Roan Dawson [Signed]

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When Sasha and Ben met their new friend Scary Bones, little did they know of the adventures that lay before them. They go in search of lost dogs and a bone, they meet the terrible dog-nappers Snatchet and Grabbet, Mrs. Grumble and her dog Grouchey, and a very strange and magical piece of red string! Ron Dawson has created a character who will be loved by all who are young at heart. An original heart warming tale destined to become a future classic. 'The Lost Dog and Bone' is the first of the Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones the Skeleton and the first of Mulberry's Magical Stories for Children, AND EVERY BOOK contains a mysterious sealed envelope that cannot be opened until the very end of the story.

Publisher: Mulberry Books

Publication date: 2009

Format: Paperback