Second Sight: the Inspirational Autobiograpy of the UK's Only Blind Medium by Sharon Neill

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'How long have you been practising?' asked my yoga teacher. I was

chuffed she thought I was so fit.

'I've never done yoga before,' I said.

'No,' she said. 'Not yoga. I mean how long have you been a medium?'

I still didn't get it. 'I'm not a medium, I'm a size 10,' I insisted.

'I'm not talking about clothes,' she laughed. 'I'm talking about your ability.'

She said I was a psychic, that she dabbled herself and recognised my

talent. I thought she was barmy, didn't think anything more of it - until the

night Granny appeared to me.

Sharon Neill was studying at college when she first discovered she had an

ability to talk to the dead. She began trying out readings on her friends for

fun and soon developed her talent. She now works as a full-time medium

and is highly revered within the psychic world.

In this revealing autobiography Sharon will give an insight into many of the visions that have appeared to her over the years, with a glimpse of the dark and dangerous as well as the rewarding and uplifting.

Publisher: Orion

Date published: 2007

Format: Hardback with dust jacket