Scary Bones the Skeleton meets the Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Coast [Scary Bones the Skeleton 3rd Adventure] by Ron Dawson [Signed]

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In this adventure Scary Bones, the Red String and Sasha and Ben are trapped inside a lost world of dinosaurs and cavemen. Ziggy and Zaggy, two very bad cavemen, and Tyrone and Albert, two monster dinosaurs, all want to eat them for their supper. Can our brave heroes, helped by their new found dinosaur friends, Durdle Doorus(the happy dinosaur), Dippy Ludicrous and Terry Dactyl, escape from being eaten and find a way out of the lost world? The story ends with the creation of a magical myth as to how the famous landmark of Durdle Door came into being and, like the other Scary Bones stories, comes with a mysterious sealed envelope which cannot be opened until the very end of the story.

Publisher: Mulberry Books

Publication date: 2011

Format: Paperback