Scary Bones The Skeleton Meets the Wacky Witches of Wareham by Ron Dawson [Signed]

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The Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones the Skeleton: the Fourth Adventure 


This is the fourth in the Scary Bones the Skelton Adventure series. In this adventure, Scary Bones, the Red String and Sasha and Ben enter the magical world of Wareham s Wacky Witches and the Wicked Wizard of Corfe Castle. The children of Wareham have disappeared and the town is littered with sleepy cats and no-one knows why. Can Scary Bones rescue Sasha and Ben from the spell of two very strange and unusual lollipop ladies and defeat the Wicked Wizard of Corfe Castle? As with all Scary Bones Adventures, the book comes with a mysterious sealed envelope which should not be opened until the very end of the story.

Publisher: Mulberry Books

Publication date: 2011

Format: Paperback