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Old Whaling Days (Conway Classics) by Captain William Barron

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On the 27th of March 1849, the barque "Truelove", under Captain J. Parker, left Hull bound for the Davis Straits and the season's whaling. Taking up his duties as cabin boy was her youngest apprentice, William Barron, who would serve his apprenticeship in her, receiving #35.00 for his six years service, plus 6/- per week when "Truelove" was in port. Thus begins the story, set down in the closing years of Hull's most famous sailing whaler - of her people and of her youngest apprentice, who in 1861 would become her master. First published in 1895, this book provides a glimpse of the last years of whaling fleets under sail from Hull, Peterhead, Aberdeen and other whaling ports. The story told is of incredible hardships and danger, of long voyages - some of which are frustrated by lack of success - related in the matter-of-fact manner of the seasoned mariner. The history of "Truelove", from her early days as a privateer in the first American War until her last voyage as a whaler in 1867-68 is given in the appendix.




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