Mystifying: Sinister Stories of the Unexplained by Helen Cresswell (ed)

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Extraordinary events and mysterious circumstances fill this eerie collection of nineteen stories. Music takes a boy to a strange place, a scythe compels its users to slash on and on, a jacket is possessed and a beautiful woman turns into a vampire. Other strange and unsettling encounters grip the imagination and quicken the pulse in stories from authors such as Ursula Le Guin, Joan Aiken, Diana Wynne Jones and many others.The stories include: "The Green Arches" - Joan Aiken; "The Azteck Opal" - Rodrigues Ottolengui; "Wuthering Heights" - Emily Bronte; "The Girl Who Kissed the Peach Tree" - Eleanor Farjeon; "The Thing in the Pond" - Paul Ernst; "Smart Ice Cream" - Paul Jennings; "The Pelican" - Ann Pilling; "The Adventures of Johnnie Waverley" - Agatha Christie; "The Tower" - Carl Jung; "The Scythe" - Ray Bradbury; "A Sea Above the Sky" - Thomas Wright; "A Vine on a House" - Ambrose Bierce; "The Master" - Diana Wynne Jones; "King Arthur" - Sir Thomas Mallory; "The Whisperer" - Vivien Alcock; "Texts" - Ursula Le Guin; "The Sky Sea" - Helen Cresswell; "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire" - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; "The Bewitched Jacket" - Dino Buzzati.

Publisher: Kingfisher

Date published: 2008

Format:  Paperback

Condition: New - Minor bumping to lower edge from packing and a small remainder mark on top edge