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My Best Book of Mummies by Philip Steele

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From the City of the Dead to the Valley of the Kings, this colorful collection of cadavers and caskets brings to life the mysteries of the mummies and the ancient Egyptians. Enter the mummy's tomb and discover the difference between a sarcophagus and a mummy-case. Find out which people and animals became mummies and why. The mix of authoritative text and realistic, color scenarios offer a bold insight into the lives of Pharaohs, priests, laborers, and, of course, the grisly work of the embalmers and the tools of their trade. All the details are preserved here: the different types of tombs and pyramids, portraits of Egyptian deities from Ra to Osiris, and the latest scientific insight about the people beneath the bandages. An illustrated glossary and index help unravel more information in this colorful picturebook.
Minor shelf wear

Publisher: Kingfisher

Date published: 1998

Format: A4 hardback with dust jacket