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For a Pagan Song: Travels in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Jonny Bealby

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By the age of 21, Jonny Bealby had never read a book, and was rather proud of this fact - or so he told his new girlfriend, Melanie, who seemed to devour books by the dozen. Life was too full of excitement for Jonny to find time to read - and being dyslexic (he failed English O'level five times) he found reading difficult. But a few weeks after meeting Melanie, she gave him a present: Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King". And the man who wouldn't read discovered great literature. This book is the story of how Jonny discovered books and so successfully overcame his disabilities that he is now a twice-published author. Interspersed in his personal odyssey is the travel story, as he follows the journey of the man who would be king, through India, Pakistan and into the dangerous lands of Afghanistan.




William Heinnemann, London

Date Published:

1998 First edition


Hardback with dust jacket