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Crux by Albert E. Cowdrey

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Centuries ago, the Time of Troubles left Earth shattered and nearly empty. But a few survivors in Central Asia and returnees from Luna City hung on to bring the human race back to life. Now the Government of the Universe is spread out among hundreds of worlds. Into this glorious golden age comes a new threat. Scientists in the World City of Ulanor have created a wormhole generator - a machine which can send people into the past. A band of old believers, bleeding hearts, and other malcontents who call themselves "the Crux" captures the generator to undertake the greatest humanitarian mission of all time: one of their agents goes back to prevent the Time of Troubles by assassinating the man responsible, the legendary Minister Destruction. Hstings Maks is a timesurfer, part of the security forces whose job it is to travel back in time to prevent others from altering the past that has brought about the marvellous future. And it is increasingly difficult to determine who's on which side.



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