Blood Moon by Robert H. Tempest

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A horrific killing brings a police detective, animal expert and a 500 year old werewolf together in this triangle of horror. One must die, two could die, but which ones will? This modern day werewolf story is set in the quiet countryside of the Norfolk broads, the surrounding villages of Reedham, Halvergate, Freethorpe and the seaside resort of Great Yarmouth. Detective Inspector Mike Hancox and his sergeant, Jim Darby, of the Great Yarmouth division are called in to investigate the horrific killing of a schoolteacher. Hancox, a police officer for 30 years has, for the last 9 years, felt remorse over losing his children in a car accident, caused by a white dog crossing the road in front of his son's car. Jim Darby has been in the police force for 10 years and is married to Hancox's foster daughter, Donna. With what they find at the scene of the crime and the information they get from the coroner, they are on the lookout for an escaped animal from a zoo or a wildlife park, possibly a wolf, as the witnesses recalled hearing a wolf howling, just before finding the body. While performing the autopsy, the coroner finds a claw from an animal stuck in the body, and contacts an old friend, John Granger, and seeks his help. Granger is not only an animal expert from the local zoo, but also a werewolf on a mission to find the beta-wolf that cursed his family into hybrids, hoping to kill him and lift a 500-year-old curse. During the next few days a ten-year-old, Joanne Saunders, goes missing. A vagrant and Darby are killed. Hancox finds out the truth of his children's death and Granger comes face to face with the creature his family has been searching for 500 years.

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